about Brandon Colston

_MG_8217Originally from the piney woods of East Texas, Brandon Colston is an up and coming photographer looking to put his stamp on the photography world. Born September 5th, 1984 in Tyler, Texas, Colston began his artistic career after moving to Fort Worth where he studied drawing and painting and traditional two-dimensional visual arts practices and disciplines. He began his career at the University of North Texas as a visual-arts-studies major with aspirations of teaching drawing and painting to students. Then he fell in love with photography.
As a long time basketball fan, Brandon aligned himself in whatever way he could with the local NBA team the Dallas Mavericks. After doing everything from handing out programs at the arena door as fans entered to mopping the floors in between the action to painting faces for tips, Brandon was eventually able to become an assistant to the team photographer for the Mavericks. It was there where his passion for photography would emerge and his career path would forever be changed.
Colston quickly discovered the direct correlation between his creative background in the visual arts and the work he could create with the camera. It is that background in drawing and painting that differentiates his work from his fellow commercial photographers who have more traditional backgrounds in journalism or a more editorial style.
Brandon would change his major to Photography never to look back. His connections made through the world of sports photography and subsequently commercial photography have allowed him to cultivate his skills and training from the University of North Texas in a real time, real world climate. He has been entrenched with major clients such as the NHL, the NBA, the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball, large clients from both the U.S. and Canada such as Coors Brewing Company and 7-11.Brandon currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife Lindsey and their daughter Addyson.